Saturday, August 15, 2009

Growing Wild...

Purple and pink are one of my favorite color combinations.I love the impatiens but so do the deer. If you live near the woods like I do, you may have trouble with deer eating your garden. Here is a recipe that really does work. I used to buy the netting and the $50.00 a gallon spray but my neighbor shared this with me and now the wild animals still come but they don't eat. Take an empty gallon jug, add 4 raw mixed eggs and one cup listerine type (I usually get the generic version )mouthwash, fill with water, shake well. Pour into a spray bottle and spray your plants. When I first used this, I did it every day to make sure, but now I only spray once a week. Sometimes the sprayer gets clogged so I spray water thru every now and then. I try to share this with everyone. No one wants to spend all that time and money and then have the deer eat it all.
These beautiful ferns have gotten so big. Time to devide them next spring.

I've heard of putting a mirror in the garden, so I tried it. What do you think?

Caladium and hostas are a perfect pair.

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