Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pink Christmas Porch...

I always wait until Thanksgiving is over before I start decorating for Christmas. This is probably the worst part of decorating a home. Packing and unpacking. First I had to put away all my fall stuff. I pack everything up into bins and hall it up into the attic. Then I start unloading the Christmas stuff. This will take a few days. First I take out all the outdoor stuff. Today was such a beautiful day, sunny and 50. Great day to put things up out side.

These deer I actually keep stored in the garage. Great garbage find years ago. I just added a wreath around their necks with a pink bow. They are staked into the ground.

Another great find, a wreath to hang on the fence that hides my garden hose.

My milk cans get some greens and a pink bow.

Under my window - garland of pink and white poinsettias and some pearls.

My front door gets a small wreath.

And the front of the house gets a large wreath. Another great find in the trash! Oh, I have to paint that cord to match the house so you can't see it. I hate dangling cords!

Oh and of course a Christmas tree.
( another free find!)

Even the mail box is filled with pink poinsettias.

 Wow, that was a lot of work. But doesn't it look great! I always love when I can step back and see the finished product. The front is the only part I do in pink, it actually works well with my porch furniture.
Now, on to the side of the house!
More pictures to come...

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