Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas! Soon!

Well I haven't been blogging forever! It seems I've been sooooooooo busy with life!. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! I decided to do the craft shows this year and so have been busy crafting Christmas decor. I did okay at the 2 shows and really had a lot of fun displaying everything. I sure would love to have my own little shop! Here's a few pics of my displays. I still have some things left, so if u r interested check out my etsy shop.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flower Fairy

Well it's been a while since I blogged. I'm finding that it takes too much time. I've been doing alot but I'll have to pick and choose what I post.
Since I made my fairy door a friend asked if I would make one for her daughters' birthday. Glad to do it - she's such a sweet girl- I thought I would also make her a flower fairy to go with it.
Flower Fairies come at dawn,
Bless the flowers,
then they're gone.
Here's how:

First I painted a face on a wooden bead and put a folded wire threw the hole

Next, glue on some moss hair :

Next , seperate silk flower petals and leaves:

make sure there is a whole in the center of the petals and start threading them on the wire:

Attach another wire across for the arms, bending the ends for hands:

Continue adding flowers for the skirt gluing after each petal or two, and don't forget to glue some on the back for wings. Bend the wire bottoms for feet. I glued some berries and a flower on her head. If you want, glue everything onto a stick to put her in a plant. And you're done.

Isn't she sweet? I have to make a few more....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Patio set redo...

Well it's been awhile since I've blogged. I have been so busy with the boys' school ending and baseball games and gardening and yard sale, etc. You get the picture.  Well I was able to get one of my summer projects done. I have been wanting to replace my patio set ever since I bought a new set of outdoor furniture last year. The old  set just looked horrible, here's a before pic...
The set functioned fine but I didn't like the look. So I went out shopping around for new sets and WOW! the price they want was way too high for me - $300-$500.  So I decided to fix up the old set. First,it needed a good cleaning . Then, a sanding and priming. I really took my time with the prep work because I don't want it peeling off!  I used Krylon for plastic on the slats, which are more like rubber, and I used rustoleum on the rest.  Then to my favorite fabric store - JoAnn's. I found a  beautiful  print on sale. I bought an old black sheet for the back of the chairs. If you've never recovered your outdoor cushions, you should try it , it's sooo easy, like making a giant pillow case.. here's the before cushion...

really comfortable but not nice to look at.
And here's the after...

I love it!
Here's the whole set. I was so excited how good it turned out, and it only cost me about $35.00 for paint and fabric...

What do you think!
Thanks for the comments - I used Rustoleum Hammered over Rustoleum flat black.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sweet little surprise in the garden...

Well I haven't been here to blog in awhile! I've been soooooo busy working outside in the garden. I love being outside and when eveything starts growing and turning green, I just can't stand to be inside. The weather in Ohio has been very warm and after such a long winter, it's so nice. I plan on sharing all my garden areas with you but I'll start with just a few.....

I have  some perennials that are spreading, I just love it now that I can divide them and move them around.
I live in a mostly shaded area and only have one section where the sun shines.

I  am always amazed at how some people will throw things away!
I found these clematis in the garbage last year...

Welcome signs are scattered here and there...

And I love my garden bunnies! I have quite a few I will share with you another time.
Here's one of my most recent...

but while I was working in the garden I was greeted by the best little surprise ever...
a little bunny!

Do you see him? Isn't he adorable? He can probably just fit in your hand. I don't know where he came from and his family is not around. He's been munching on clover by my garage. Some of you might think a bunny in the garden is a problem,
but I think it's a sweeet, little,
 happy surprise!

Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fairy Door

Well it's taken me a while to get back to blogging. I've been busy outside, cleaning up the garden beds and dividing some plants. It's always fun when you finally have enough to move some around. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
One project I got done was this fairy door. I saw it somewhere on the web and thought it was soooo cute that I just had to try it. It didn't cost me a thing because I had all the stuff somewhere around the house.
Here's how it's done...

Find some scrap pieces of wood about 1 inch wide and 12inches long.

Make sure one piece is longer to use as a stake in the ground.
I used some metal thing that had wholes in it to screw it together.

Then I drew a curve at the top and cut it out.

I glued on to smaller pieces of wood cut to the width and a wooden doorknob.

Coat the whole thing with some exterior varnish so it will stay looking nice.
Staple some ivy around the top. Your done. Find a nice tree that has a groove at the bottom. Pound the stake into the ground. I cleared all the grass and added some rocks.
I just love the way it looks! It's in my front, on the tree lawn, for all the passer-bys to see.
Now I guess I should cut the grass...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Bunny plant sticks....

I made these to go in a gift basket for my sons teachers for Easter. I think they are so sweet. They can go almost anywhere you would like to have a little pink bunny and they are so easy to make.

First, trace and cut out 2  bunny shapes from pink paper. I was making 3 so I cut out 6

If your paper isn't colored on both sides, you'll have to cut mirror images. Lay them out in mirror image
and dot them with white paint. I used a stylist but you can use anything with a point like a pencil.

Let them dry well. Glue on a piece of cotton for a tail

I used bamboo skewers for my sticks. Spread glue on inside of bunny, place stick at an angle, then place mirror image on top. Work the pieces toghether, pressing the stick in place. If the pieces don't match exactly, just trim with scissors.

let dry and you're done!

Great in a plant or a gift...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rooster lamp....

Just happened to stop into my local thrift store to browse around and I saw it! A beautiful large white ceramic rooster lamp. The store was about to close and it was $10.00, a little steep for me. So I said no. And I went home and thought about it. I have been working and earning money and I just happened to sell something on craigslist for $10.00 just the other day( what a coincidence ). So the next morning, first thing , I was there just as they were opening and it was still there, lucky me. What do you think?!

I think the rooster alone is worth $10.00

You just never know what treasure you will find
browsing your local thrift store!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outside Spring decor...

In the winter everything is so cold and dreary, and because we get so much snow I don't put anything up outside. Everything is so bare...

but not any more... Spring is here...

I love my Spring bunnies...


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