Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sweet little surprise in the garden...

Well I haven't been here to blog in awhile! I've been soooooo busy working outside in the garden. I love being outside and when eveything starts growing and turning green, I just can't stand to be inside. The weather in Ohio has been very warm and after such a long winter, it's so nice. I plan on sharing all my garden areas with you but I'll start with just a few.....

I have  some perennials that are spreading, I just love it now that I can divide them and move them around.
I live in a mostly shaded area and only have one section where the sun shines.

I  am always amazed at how some people will throw things away!
I found these clematis in the garbage last year...

Welcome signs are scattered here and there...

And I love my garden bunnies! I have quite a few I will share with you another time.
Here's one of my most recent...

but while I was working in the garden I was greeted by the best little surprise ever...
a little bunny!

Do you see him? Isn't he adorable? He can probably just fit in your hand. I don't know where he came from and his family is not around. He's been munching on clover by my garage. Some of you might think a bunny in the garden is a problem,
but I think it's a sweeet, little,
 happy surprise!

Happy Gardening!

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