Thursday, July 4, 2013

Front Garden/Porch Tour

I'm really enjoying sitting on my front porch lately. I updated all the cushions, painted the furniture and added some fun new touches since spring - like a chandelier. But it's really nice because it's covered so I never have to move cushions in when it rains , which it's been doing a lot of lately, and it's right off the living room so I can step outside anytime I like. Let me give you a little tour...

First , this is on the tree lawn around a new tree the city planted after our giant oak died and had to be taken down,   Hostas and impatiens...

This is the view from the sidewalk. We have a very small front yard. I added yellow this year which I'm loving and my sum and substance hosta is doing great...

This is to the side by the driveway. Hostas, ferns, astilbe, begonias and impatiens

Let's go on the porch. I put a planter right by the mailbox - sweet potatoe vine, begonia, petunia, impatien, vinca vine and spikes.

 It's hard to believe that all the furniture was found in the trash! I can't believe what people will throw away. A little paint and fixing up and it looks great!

I really love my new chandelier , the crystals sparkle in the morning sun.

 Birds and bunnies are my favorites...

This year I added yellow to my wreath.
Oh, and our city Garden Club gave me a little award for my garden
Hope you enjoyed the visit.

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