Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stairway wall

Just something I've been playing with.....

  Pick a few colors , depending on your decor, I went with green, black, white and yellow.

Find some of your favorite family photos and copy them in black and white -
find old frames and paint them either black or white.

Gather some thrift store finds -

an old dish...
a picture that I couldn't think of where to hang...
an iron wall hanging...
fill a sconce with flowers....
use some scrapbook paper and make a sign....
frame your last initial...

a tin star, a wire cross, an old mirror, and what ever else you can come up with
and artfully fill the wall
stand back and take it all in
fall in love

everytime I go to the basement ....
Now it's your turn :)

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  1. Chris - Your home is beautiful, both inside and out......just the way you are!


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