Saturday, March 29, 2014

Emellished Giant Clothespin

I was at the Goodwill store the other day and found this giant clothespin for $1.00, so I just had to buy it! ( It's funny that you don't realize what you need until you see it - of course that's the fun of shopping at thrift stores. But be careful hoarding could become an issue! ). I did think of a friend that hosts card parties and she always has her cards displayed on clothespins just smaller ones - so I  think this would be a nice gift for her. I looked at Michael's to see if they sold them but they didn't. I did find a place on-line. Just google giant clothespin and some sites will come up.

Here's how I embellished it...

First I painted the edges and inside green.  I didn't need to paint the whole thing because I was covering most of it with paper.
Then I measured and cut paper to fit. I found this gorgeous pack of paper at JoAnn's with a garden theme and I just LOVE anything with flowers so it was perfect.  I had this peel and stick from years ago which I needed to use up - it is double sided and sticks to anything, you also could have used modge podge or something similiar.
I like to ink all the edges of my paper. I think it gives it more depth and character. I also cut some flowers and leaves with my cricket,  made a bow with sheer green ribbon and cut a border with Martha Stewart's border punch.
Now it's time to assemble. Peel and stick made putting the paper on easy and I didn't have to wait to let it dry. I like to use my hot glue gun to glue on the flowers and ribbon.
I also made a tag using my new " Trust God" stamp set from Stampin Up.

I embellished both sides. It was very easy to do and I love the way it turned out.
I may have to keep this one for myself :)
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cascading Card

This was my first time making a cascading card. The web is full of instructions and ideas. They are very simple to make. It really depends on what you want to put on them, it could take a lot of time cutting things out. I used my cricut to cut out all the floral shapes and my stampin-up bird punch and martha stewart butterfly punch.
I made three of them at once for friends birthdays. I think they really enjoyed them and the pink flowers remind them that Spring is on the way!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hankie Hanger...

I collect all these beautiful Hankies... everytime I'm at a thrift store or a yard sale I pick some up. I usually only pay 10 or 25 cents. I have just been letting then pile up on my dresser but you really can't appreciate all their beauty like that. So I decided to make a hanger for them.

 It's so simple to make you might want to make one for yourself. All I did was cut some bamboo skewers to about 5inches and glued them between ribbon...
I put ribbon on top also and glued a button on each spot so you couldn't see the glue...
I ironed every hankie so it would lay just right and then I figured out what order I wanted them in....
It's kind of like a miniature ladder.  I layered them so the pretty embroidery would be show-cased.
At first I hung it on the side of my red hutch.....
but I think they were too delicate there so I moved them to the side of my tea pots...
they don't stand out as much, but I like them better there. Now I can enjoy them everyday! :)

Hutch - before and after

So I am LOVING my new red dining room, but after looking around I had a thought. My hutch in the dining room is blue...

 I have really enjoyed my hutch for many years. I found it in the trash a long time ago. All it needed was a little fixing and a coat of paint. ( It always amazes me what people will throw away!)

 I had painted it blue which was fine, but I thought I might change it to RED! So I did. First I took everything off. I laid paper all around and on the floor and on the walls - I didn't feel like moving the whole thing so I painted it where it was. I sanded it all over- I wasn't changing the white so it was really only the sides and front. I gave it two coats of red paint - the same paint I used on the shelves. I did remove the drawers and the handles. It's much easier than trying to paint around them and it gives a nicer finish. When it was completely dry I went over the whole thing with a coat of stain. Stain gives it depth and provides a nice top coat so it won't chip. The only bad thing about the stain is it takes forever to dry - but it is worth it in the end. I love the way it turned out! :) I wish my pictures did it justice - it's not that bright! Don't be afraid to paint your furniture - I'm not....

Before...                                                                           After...                                               
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