Friday, November 13, 2015

Bedspring Snowman

We recently threw away an old bed spring , but before we did, I had my husband cut off a bunch of the springs. I knew I would get around to using them soooner or later.

Meet my Bedspring Snowmen...
Here's what I did....

gather supplies..   old bed springs,

styrofoam balls, soft white fabric, scrap fabric for scarf, black seed beads, bells, Christmas greenery, orange wood noses, hot glue, needle and thread, sticks, floral tape and wire.

First, I covered the ball with the white fabric and then I made a hat out of the sleeve cut from a child's shirt - they are very inexpensive from the thrift store and just the right size. Tie the top with yarn or ribbon and add a bell and some greens. The eyes are beads glued on and the noses I bought years ago  from the craft store- wooden cones I painted orange.
 Glue the head to the spring and cut scrap fabric to form a scarf and tie it around the neck, glue in place.
 I had to wire on the buttons and stick arms or they would have just popped off the metal. I covered the wire with brown floral tape.
 I added  more greens and I made a sign out of cork board and paper,
stamped  "Merry Christmas" and hung with red wire.
 Loooove these guys.......... What do you think?


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