Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brother Scan-n-Cut Vinyl wedding gift

I have been having fun using my new Brother Scan-n-Cut. Especially to cut out vinyl lettering. This is a gift I made for a friends' son's wedding shower.

 I use Inkscape to design the wording. If you haven't tried Inkscape yet you're missing out. It's a free online design center. There are many videos on youtube to help get you started.
The frame was only $1.00 at the thrift store which I painted black and then lined with scrapbook paper.
 I also made this card to go with
Simple white embossed champagne glasses with border punch lined in black . I added a rhinestone for sparkle
silver glitter tape and stamped sentiment with black heart on inside
stamped envelope with matching heart
I hope they like the gift I know I would - how about you?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Gardening on a budget

Nothing I enjoy better than working in the garden and sitting on the porch enjoying the breeze, but it can cost a lot of money. If you're thrifty though, like I am, you can save lots and still enjoy the flowers.  Come  join me on a garden tour and I'll show you how to save.
First my front porch:

 All the furniture was saved from the trash - 0$. Don't be afraid to pick something up. I'm always amazed at what people will just throw away. Please at least donate it! Pillows I made myself and I always get fabric from the thrift store - I search for extra large sheets, usually only $2.

 Also, search the thrift store for crocheted throws and baby blankets. I went with yellow, white and green.

 Yard sales and rummage sales are also good places to find planters and knick knacks. I couldn't resist this piggy for .25 he just makes me smile and the boots were only$1.

 Bring indoor items out - side table painted yellow filled with plants, magazines and decor all from the thrift store and yard sales

 Silk floral arrangements and wreath I made myself

 keep your eyes open for animals you enjoy. I look for bunnies,birds and roosters

and birdhouses

Now, when it comes to plants here are some ways to save.
I always check craigslist free section and free cycle, there are always people wanting to thin out their perennials or people re-doing their landscape. Also, check your local library for perennial exchanges. And don't forget to buy perennials that spread and grow. I have divided up my hostas many times.

If you can, invest in a grow light and start seeds indoors, they are very low in cost and are easy to grow. Most annuals can be started from seed, and if you grow annuals let some go to seed in the fall and save the seeds in a paper bag to plant next year.
Some perennials reseed themselves so know your plants

Get to know your neighbors and friends that have gardens, most gardeners are more than happy to share their plants.
I have been lucky to have woods on my property in my backyard and have dug up some ferns that grow in the wild, but don't ever dig up plants from the parks.
and then finally save up some money through the year or ask your kids for gift cards from your favorite garden center

and then sit back and enjoy all your hard work because gardening is hard work but if you enjoy it it's not work, right?


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