Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Window Card using my Scan N Cut 2

I have been looking at a lot of cards on Pinterest and have really liked the ones with the window pane. I'm sure they were cut with a die but I don't own a Big Shot or Cuttlebug or whatever the cutters are called, BUT I do have a Scan N Cut 2! Using scan n cut canvas I was able to design my own window just by using basic shapes, rectangles and triangles, elongating them and then welding them together. What is really nice is now that I have the shape saved I can make it any size and use it over and over again without having to spend a fortune on the die.

Here's a card I made using the window....

I actually cut a rectangle out of my card so that the picture is on the inside.
I used my Stampin Up Bird punch for the greenery and cut the Cat out with my Scan n Cut 2 by using Inkscape and my free fonts from Dafont - using kitty cat dingbats. And again, now that I have the cat image saved I can enlarge it to any size and use it over and over.
I color printed a background picture to put on the inside and
stamped "Joy to the World"...
I really like the way the window is cut out, which I also did on my scan n cut 2 simple with the scanning feature and placing the cut just where I need it
Love my Scan n Cut 2!

Monday, November 21, 2016

White Wreath - recycled light bulbs

I made a wreath for a friend this weekend. She wanted it to be wintery and white so she could leave it up after the holidays for winter. First I started with old light bulbs that I always save from my bathroom vanity. I used them this way before and I love the way they turn out. Glittered, large snow balls...

 I wash them, cover with glue, then roll in glitter. I wrap the base with wire and cover with floral tape. Now to assemble the wreath...
I like to put my bow on first and build from there
beautiful white poinsettias and white berry sprigs
large, white, glittery branches
snowflakes and silver berries
and done!
Love it!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunflower Cricut

Used my Cricut  - Flower Shoppe - to create a beautiful paper sunflower

I used the same shape but just cut each a quarter inch shorter
added a brown ribbon, and a cute little tag with a heart that says "made with love"

I glued everything on a stick and used it to dress up some dessert that will be sold at an auction for our teen youth group at church. Presentation is important you know  :)


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