Saturday, October 24, 2009

BOO picture...

I just had to try this idea I saw at . I always have too many extra frames and scrapbook paper so it didn't cost really anything. First, I found an old frame and some paper with a background design on it. Cut the paper to fit the frame.
I used a stamp to add some corner detail and I found a" BOO " glitter chipboard at JoAnn Fabric's.
Stamp the corners and use the ink pad to distress the edges.
Don't forget to clean your stamp!
I glued the "BOO" down with double stick tape and added ribbon to the outside, once I framed the picture.
This picture can go anywhere, but I think I have the perfect place...

Thanks for the idea Thrifty Decor Chick!


  1. nice result, I love it when I have the crafty time to do things like that...and get inspired by blogs like thrifty decor!

    enjoyed my visit!


  2. Love it!! Love the guy holding it too! How fun is that.


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