Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Because my children go to public schools, I try to be faithful in teaching them the true meanings of Holidays which they will not here in school or in the media. Before we move so quickly into Christmas, let us pause and be grateful. This truely is a time to give thanks. But not to your family or  friends or to your teachers, (although that is always a nice thing to do), but let us give thanks to the Lord God. For He is truely good and His love endures forever!
I am reading this wonderful book with my children by Barbara Rainey called Thanksgiving-A time to Remember. It reminds us of the very first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims gave thanks to God for all His provisions. I hope we can all do the same, for even though we have troubles and hardships, and at times things seem very uncertain, we truely are a blessed country and we should be grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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