Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mod Podge Photo transfer on tote bag

I saw Mod Podge Photo transfer medium being demonstrated on HSN during their  24 hour  celebration , it looked so easy I had to try it. I thought since my son's girlfriend was having a birthday I would make her a gift featuring a picture from their recent vacation, and I really love the ruffled tote bags  that I have seen on Pinterest - so I made her one.

I started with a basic tote bag purchased from my local craft store. They are very inexpensive. I chose the medium size in white, but they do come in other colors and sizes. Then I went to the library. since they have laser printers, and printed off the picture with some words and background color I added using Word. Make sure if you use any picture with words that you flip the image or else the words will be backwards.

Cut out your picture and position it where you want it.

Apply a really thick layer of medium all over the picture( probably a good idea to check out some videos on you tube to see how it's done) place the picture down on the fabric and smooth over top. Let dry for 24 hours
Once it is completely dry get a sponge and wet with water, dab the picture all over with water then start rubbing in a circular motion, the paper backing will start coming off, keep rubbing until your picture shows through clearly. You might have to go over it a couple of times

Once all the paper is off let dry. If you see any white areas left over just repeat until image is clear.
I added ruffles and matching fabric flowers in colors that coordinated with my picture
I just love the way it turned out I may have to make myself one. I hope you like it Sydney, Happy Birthday!

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