Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Window Card using my Scan N Cut 2

I have been looking at a lot of cards on Pinterest and have really liked the ones with the window pane. I'm sure they were cut with a die but I don't own a Big Shot or Cuttlebug or whatever the cutters are called, BUT I do have a Scan N Cut 2! Using scan n cut canvas I was able to design my own window just by using basic shapes, rectangles and triangles, elongating them and then welding them together. What is really nice is now that I have the shape saved I can make it any size and use it over and over again without having to spend a fortune on the die.

Here's a card I made using the window....

I actually cut a rectangle out of my card so that the picture is on the inside.
I used my Stampin Up Bird punch for the greenery and cut the Cat out with my Scan n Cut 2 by using Inkscape and my free fonts from Dafont - using kitty cat dingbats. And again, now that I have the cat image saved I can enlarge it to any size and use it over and over.
I color printed a background picture to put on the inside and
stamped "Joy to the World"...
I really like the way the window is cut out, which I also did on my scan n cut 2 simple with the scanning feature and placing the cut just where I need it
Love my Scan n Cut 2!

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