Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chocolate covered spoons!

Chocolate covered spoons are great little gifts for visitors, teachers and bus drivers; they're easy to make and add a great flavor to any hot drink. I made mine with MINT, DARK chocolate, here's how...

Supplies needed:    chocolate candy melts, plastic or silver spoons, wax paper, bowl & spoon, plastic bag, ribbon and tag.

 1 - empty chocolates into bowl, melt in microwave, stirring often(directions for melting are on the bag)
 2 - lay out a piece of waxed paper on a  flat tray tray
 3 - dip spoon into chocolate covering well

4 - set spoons on tray and place in the refridgerator until hard

5 - place spoon in bag, tie ribbon, add tag...

Simple, sweet, gift....


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