Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strawberry Apron

Well, after seeing all the cute aprons I could find on pinterest, I decided to make my own. I will be hosting a tea soon and  I've been collecting all kinds of  strawberry dishes and such so I thought I would have my party be strawberry themed - so why not make an apron to go with..

Everytime I go to the thrift store or yard sales I look for pretty fabric, I've especially have been loving red lately, and anything checked.  And doilies are always a must

I picked up some vintage strawberry dish towels on e-bay. They will be perfect to use for the apron - right size and edges are already hemmed.
I didn't use a pattern. Just laid out some red checked fabric I had left over from the table cloth I made for the tea. The bottom edge was already hemmed. I also had a dark red sheet I cut and folded for the waist band. A sheet is always nice because you get such a large amount of fabric.
I cut a square of the red and checked for a pocket. The doily was just folded over the top. Hand sew on a couple of buttons - heaven knows I have plenty of buttons to choose from.

After sewing the skirt to the waistband I sewed on the pocket to the dishcloth and then sewed the dishcloth to the band, gathering and leaving a checked border
I added some red ric-rac and done
Love, love, love it! I'll take a pic of me wearing it at the tea and then share it with you.
What do you think?

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