Friday, January 27, 2017

Craft Supply Storage

After having to go through every item in my craft room, I finally have everything put away. My four top organizational tips that I found helpful, that might also help you, include:

1- Keep items you use most often within easy reach -

             I made this can caddy to store items I use all the time - glue sticks, scissors, craft knife, pens, screw drivers, wire cutters, etc.
I also have open storage so I can just grab things like tape, glue, etc.

the items I use most are right behind where I usually 
stand on the middle or bottom shelf

2- Label all containers so you know what's inside-

most items fit in containers I already had but for some things
 I had to find a box then I covered it in pretty paper. I made 
matching labels for all containers

3-Store like items together-

 All my ribbon is in a drawer. I went through all my ribbon and wrapped it around cardboard squares which really helped save space,

I put all my washi and decorative tape in a drawer
 using a kitchen utensil tray to help contain items,

 all my punches are in one drawer,

I made this storage shelf out of foam core for all my stampin up inks,

Cricut Cartridges are right above my machine,

all my paint is in a floral tin...

I unmounted all my wood mount stamps ( saves a ton of space) 
and store them in two 3-ring binders,

embossing folders in box next to sizzix,

and finally-
4- Add special items that you enjoy looking at-

I hope I have inspired you to organize your craft room and to make your surroundings a place that inspires you and stimulates creativity - happy crafting.

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