Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Bunny plant sticks....

I made these to go in a gift basket for my sons teachers for Easter. I think they are so sweet. They can go almost anywhere you would like to have a little pink bunny and they are so easy to make.

First, trace and cut out 2  bunny shapes from pink paper. I was making 3 so I cut out 6

If your paper isn't colored on both sides, you'll have to cut mirror images. Lay them out in mirror image
and dot them with white paint. I used a stylist but you can use anything with a point like a pencil.

Let them dry well. Glue on a piece of cotton for a tail

I used bamboo skewers for my sticks. Spread glue on inside of bunny, place stick at an angle, then place mirror image on top. Work the pieces toghether, pressing the stick in place. If the pieces don't match exactly, just trim with scissors.

let dry and you're done!

Great in a plant or a gift...


  1. Hi... I just discovered your blog and I'm totally in love with your blog banner... what a lovely little cottage and woodsy surroundings... wish I could see more of it! ;)

    Nice meeting you


  2. Those bunnies are really cute... I'm coming over from junk rev. Lezlee


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