Monday, January 18, 2010

Entry - wall shelf....

Another area in my entry that I'm re-doing is the wall shelf.
 It's been this way such a long time - a bit out dated...

I love the way it turned out.

More cottage charm...

Everything I put up I already had or got from the thrift store...

A simple tin with just the right colors, a rusty star,
 a red vase and some greens from that old swag...

An adorable bird in cage, tray turned on its' side (in back),
and some more of those old flowers in a rooster pot...

I also made a wreath out of those old flowers and hung it below.

Before...             and                 After...

I could kick myself though - I got so caught up in putting things out
 that I forgot to take before pictures before I took everything down! Duh!

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  1. It looks great! It's fun to shop the house and see what you come up with isn't it!



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