Friday, January 15, 2010

Floral swag - Project #2....

In my entry I have a couple of  artificial flower arrangements that I need to redo to go with my cottage /garden feel. I know some don't like fake flowers at all, but I think they are fine. I found this large arrangement at the thrift store a while back that has the perfect color flowers. I should have taken a picture of it before I started tearing it apart, oh well.
Since it was so big, I should be able to get a few smaller arrangements out of it.

Project #2....

This is the way the swag looked before...... a bit out of date and dusty!

All I did was tear off the bow and the dried flowers,
I left the green leaves - they just needed a little dusting.
Hot glue guns are soooo handy, all I had to do was glue the new(old) flowers on.
And this is how it looks after...

So much better, don't you think?
I made sure I added some blue so it will still go with my walls.

I'm still not putting it up until I get everything ready.

Until next time....

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