Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ruffled flower pillow

Start with some pretty fabric. I got mine from the thrift store. It was a crib sheet. Wash, iron and cut off the elastic. Nice piece for a buck.

I set an old pillow on the fabric to measure . I always make pillows with an opening, it's so much easier than sewing it shut.
Make sure to fold the flap over before cutting.
 turn the fabric right side down and pin. Then slide the pillow out.
Sew down both sides and turn right side out. Stuff the pillow in the opening.

 This way you can always take the cover off and wash it or change it out.

 Now for the fun part- making the ruffle. I cut 6" strips. I used my rotary cutter. It's so worth the investment and it makes cutting straight so much easier.

Sew strips together. Fold the strip in half so your ruffle will be 3".
If you have a ruffle attachment on your sewing machine great, I don't so I did a running stitch by hand.

I sewed my ruffle after I basted it so it wouldn't come apart.
Now, some sewers might gasp at what I'm about to do but since it's just for me and it's just a throw pillow, I hot glued the ruffle onto my pillow. First lay it out the way you want it.
I started gluing in the center and worked my way out. I made a small circle to cover the center. I love the way it turned out!

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