Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Craft Room - Desk Area

I love the desk area in my craft room. I made it so I am surrounded by the things I enjoy the most.

 I have all my business cards, note pads and calendar to the right.

 I collect charming tails mice and these were the perfect ones to put just where I can see them. Aren't they sweet?
 I have a lamp to the left for extra lighting and I try to leave the center clear so I can put my laptop there.
Underneath,I have shelving for extra scrapbooks. I also store my vinyl in a floral garbage can I found at a thrift store.
To the far right I also have another cabinet I store things in and a big comfy chair that I made a slipcover for. You can see how I did that here

 On top I store my Cricut and cutting cartridges. I like to keep it covered when not in use.

I set up a vignette of baskets and pretty boxes on the floor next to the chair.

I find that if I store things where I can't see them I tend to forget I even have them, plus they are so cute I enjoy like seeing them out.

Next time I'll show you my sewing area.

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