Thursday, January 26, 2017

Craft Room Tour Cont'd

My craft room used to look like this
basically everything was hidden behind curtains. I had everything on shelves and when I was working on something I just moved the curtain and when I was done I closed up the curtain. It has worked fine for me but it was time for a change. I really wanted everything in drawers for easy accessibility, I hated having to lift a container up to get to something below it. Believe me drawers are the way to go. I had been looking around for about a year for just the right set. Most new units were way too expensive and made of particle board and everything I saw at the thrift stores or yard sales just didn't have enough pieces for a nice set. Then, finally, I found a beautiful set on craigslist that had shelves on top and drawers on the bottom and it even had a corner piece, solid wood and a great price - score!

 It was a large job, moving every single thing out and then going through all my supplies and sorting and organizing it and then figuring out where to put it. I left a part of a curtain up to hide the large bins I have that hold items like silk flowers.
 I finally got it done and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

I have a lot of pretty containers labeled and plenty of closed cabinets for larger items.
And plenty of drawers for storage.

 I put all the supplies I use regularly at easy reach and items 
I rarely use I put up high. 

You really find out how much stuff you have when you have to go through it all.

I had a lot of decorative boxes already but if I didn't I just covered plain boxes with scrapbook paper and added a label.
Next time I 'll share more of the details and some organizing specifics.

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