Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Craft Room - Sewing Area

If you're like me, you don't enjoy just one type of craft but have many, many types of crafts that you enjoy doing. I really enjoy floral arranging, card making-really any paper crafts, painting, crocheting, vinyl design, jewelry making, wood working, sewing - I think you get the picture. I just love making things.

Well today I'm going to show you my sewing area in my craft room. My craft room really isn't a craft "room" but more of a part of my basement. It is located around my laundry.

 Although I have thought of moving upstairs to a room, the basement really is a better place. I have access to water because of the laundry and the large sink allows me to wash out things like paint brushes and I don't have to worry about making too much of a mess since it is the basement. I have a large open area in the middle that I can lay out fabric or set up my ironing board, I have even put down a tarp and painted furniture there. So, the basement really is the best place for my craft area. Even though the basement isn't finished we use it like it is. I covered the ceiling with fabric and put rugs around. I even painted the concrete floor you can see how I did it here

Wow! I did plan on this being a tour of my sewing area; sorry to ramble on.

My sewing area is located right across from my crafting table.

I have my sewing machine on an old vanity that I had as a kid and repainted. My sewing machine is really old and heavy, but it works great. I keep a sewing basket on one side and my iron on the other. Most of my thread and bobbins are in the 2 small drawers of the vanity. You're probably thinking "look at all that stuff!" believe me it's not as cluttered as this picture looks. I do like to surround myself with pretty things though.

Gotta have music while crafting

That big green box is my sewing machine ( I told you it's old). A long time ago I painted it and decoupaged it with rose pictures. I couldn't stand the ugly brown cover it had.
I have a shelf above my machine that holds air freshener, laundry sheets, and such.

There is a hutch next to my sewing table that holds extra fabric inside and my magazines, buttons and anything else I need to put somewhere.

Sometimes, I make things and then have to put them somewhere  - like this bird I painted and decorated with scrapbook paper and cricut paper flowers.

I do try to keep small items in pretty containers, like these jars that hold my buttons. Yes, this is the Charming Tails mice I collect. I found this jar top at a yard sale - perfect fit.

I have my ironing board next to my hutch where I can easily bring it out.
whew ! That's a lot. But I love crafting. Where do you craft or sew or paint or make cards or quill or crochet or....?

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