Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rooster tassel

I recently was introduced to someone's rooster tassel, which I thought was beautiful , and  I thought I would try to make my own. Here's what you do...

First, find an object, like an ornament, or any small doller store critter you can screw an eye hook into the top for hanging. I found my Rooster at the thrift store. You will also need some fringe, various sizes and colors,  ribbon, a wooden candle holder, and hot glue.

If you don't have a hook in the top, drill a hole and screw in an eye hook. Glue, use an extra strength, the rooster to the bottom of the candle holder, let dry.

Next, roll your longest fringe to fit inside the candle holder. I found an old T-shirt at the thrift store that had fringe on it and then I cut it off. You don't need a lot, but fringe can be awfully expensive.

Roll the fringe to fit inside the holder...

Use your hot glue to glue the fringe inside the candle holder.

Next you have to cut various trims to go around the base, work longest to shortest. If you're using ribbon, fold it in half and glue it on, I used black macrame cord.

I finished mine off with some fluffy red scarf yarn. Cover all the wood.

The red isn't as bright as the picture shows.

Lastly, tie some ribbon or cording through the eye hook for hanging.

Not bad for my first one! I think the hardest part is to find just the right colors of ribbon and trim. Now I have to keep my eyes open when I go to the thrift store. Christmas ornaments would work great at the top, I just didn't see this in time. Great to hang from a lamp or a door, or any where you fancy. Try one!

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  1. Love your tassel. I have made several and they are so much fun. You can always have just the colors and trims that you want. You did a fantastic job. Hugs, Marty


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